Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tumutula Pa Nang Ganun

Preno muna ka-echosan. Hehe. Seryoso muna for once.

Sumali ako sa poetry writing sa school. I wasn't able to join the on-the-spot writing pero I was able to submit my tula nung Lunes pa. Buti na lang kinonsider pa rin siya ng committee!

At heto siya:

SALIDUM-AY: Hymn of the Cordilleras

Globalization forced them to flee,

The sons and daughters of Cordillera;

Chewed and devoured was the land

By modernization with its gleaming fangs.

Elope, the monsters said, elope.

Sorwe-eh ganganasuntay ohlad
Sorwe-eh omeh-omeh-omeh-ohm

Guns and iron fists raped and tortured

the earth that nurtured and sustained;

Mocking laughter wounded

the vulnerable body of their sacred culture.

Shoved to the ground, dignity erased.

Dong dong ay si dong ilay,

The salidum-ay and the bad-iw

became the wails of the mountain.

The ayoweng and the soweeng

became nature’s pleading howl.

Embers glowed, flames rose.

Ela ela ela-lay, ela ela elalalay.

Melodies from the tongali echoed, and

transformed into chants of resistance;

Dancing started with the sagne and the banog

that became the rhythmic dance of freedom.

Red, the color of freedom, will envelop Cordillera.

Dong dong ay si dong ilay,

At maliban pa diyan, sumali rin ako sa Extemporaneous Speaking Contest pati na rin sa Literary quiz Bee kung saan, tentenenen, ak oang nagwagi! Yehey! Hahaha. Karir na ito.

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